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The Relationships Between Social Institutions, Social Capital, and Their Effects on Poverty Reduction

Yulius Slamet,  THE RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS, SOCIAL CAPITAL, AND THEIR EFFECTS ON POVERTY REDUCTION. College of Law, Government, and International Studies, University of Utara Malaysia, 2010

This study works on three major variables. The variables are social institution, social capital, and the relationships between the two in an effort to reduce poverty. The aim is to investigate the causes of poverty, in particular among the urban poor of Kelompok Swadaya Masyarakat in Surakarta, Indonesia. There are five objectives which were utilized as a guide. The objectives touches on identifying the patterns and causes of poverty, the discovery of social institutions, the discovery of reasons provided by the respondents on their state of poverty and how they utilized the components embodied in the social capital. Thus the hypotheses employed were there a significant correlations and effects of bonding, bridging and linking social capital pertinent towards poverty reduction. Hence, from this notion, reasons for the state of poverty could be learnt from the past experiences of the particular group. In the investigation, triangulation research methods were used to answer the research questions. In the process, survey research method was used to investigate the patterns of both existing social capital and the state of poverty, and to justify the formulated three hypotheses. Read the rest of this entry »

Pengaruh Ciri-ciri Demografik Terhadap Modal Sosial


Many sociological researches have been conducted employing demographic  characteristics as independent variables and attitude or behavior as the dependent variable. This research aims to justify whether there are effect of sex, preference of religion, educational level, monthly family income, and age toward social capital. Following many previous studies social capital is characterized as having three types: bonding, bridging, and linking social capital. Fifteen hypotheses are formulated. Research is conducted in two sub districts located in Surakarta urban area. According to BKKBN record numbers of the poor were 648. Using statistical formula recommended by Arkin and Colton as much as 50% of them is sampled. Design of this research employs triangulation data in which survey research is used to describe the degree of social capital and to test the formulated hypotheses; on the other hand the qualitative research method using interview, observation and focus group discussion is administered for collecting qualitative data. Read the rest of this entry »

Evaluasi Program Pengentasan Kemiskinan di Perkotaan


It is evidently that in its constitution mentioned explicitly that the poor, the needy and the neglected children are taken care by the Indonesian Government. Variety of development programs had been launched by the government. Old Order Regime launched program so called Over-all National Development Plan. Meanwhile the New Order Regime introduced development model so called Twenty five-year Long Term Development Plan which divided into Five-year Middle Term Development Plan and was detailed into One-year Short Term Development Plan. It was noted during the Old Order Regime the number of people living below poverty line was tremendously high. It decreased in number in the period of New Order Regime. Some measures had been taken by the government among others were IDT, TAKESRA/KUKESRA, JPS, the last was BLT. Read the rest of this entry »

Merayakan Negara-Mematrikan Tradisi

Akhmad Ramdhon. MERAYAKAN NEGARA – MEMATRIKAN TRADISI : Transformasi Struktur Dan Dinamika Politik, Agama dan Ekonomi di Surakarta. FISIPOL UGM, 2008

Gelombang perubahan yang terjadi di kota di Surakarta, menemukan momentumnya bersamaan dengan ekspansi kolonialisasi di nusantara. Perubahan tersebut antara lain meliputi transformasi dan dinamika struktur politik, agama maupun ekonomi. Rentangan panjang proses perubahan tersebut menghadirkan kemapanan dualisme bagi tradisi dan kepentingan kolonial. Eksistensi negara yang kemudian lahir, segera mempermanenkan perubahan yang telah terjadi dan memberikan bentuk lain bagi perubahan tersebut.

Read the rest of this entry »

Analisis Kebutuhan Gender

Argyo Demartoto dkk. ANALISIS KEBUTUHAN GENDER  (Kajian Mengenai Pembekalan TKW yang akan Dikirim ke Luar Negeri dalam Rangka Penyusunan Kebijakan Responsif Gender di Kabupaten Karanganyar), Surakarta : FISIP UNS, 2007

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengkaji proses pembekalan terhadap tenaga kerja wanita yang dikirim ke luar negeri di Kabupaten Karanganyar mencakup (1) proses pembekalan tenaga kerja wanita di bidang Penata Laksana Rumah Tangga (PLRT) yang dilaksanakan di Kabupaten Karanganyar (2) analisis kebutuhan gender praktis dan strategis terhadap proses pembekalan tenaga kerja, (3) manfaat pembekalan terhadap tenaga kerja wanita di luar negeri, (4)  formulasi kebijakan di bidang ketenagakerjaan responsif gender yang dapat disusun untuk mengatasi kesenjangan gender di bidang ketenagakerjaan. Read the rest of this entry »

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